about me

Hey there!

As you may have guessed by now, my name is Te’Keya Krystal, but you can just call me T.K.  Though my hometown is Atlanta, Georgia, I soaked up plenty of culture from family and friends while living in Louisiana.  Plus, four years at the University of Louisiana gave me plenty of that Cajun spice!

Mmm, spice – makes me think of food.  Oh, if you don’t like to share, please don’t bring pasta, bread nor chocolate around me because I lose self-control when it comes to my favorites.  One thing I enjoy more than stuffing my face, is stuffing my face in different places – traveling!  When I’m not too caught up in the moment, I try to video-blog and capture my travelsshareimage

I’ve barely begun to scratch the surface of goals I’d like to reach, but of the few things I’ve done, being an outstanding graduate honoree of the UL Department of Communication is one that means a lot to me.  That flimsy piece of paper that I received at the awards banquet is the amalgamation of my collegiate triumphs.

Against the frequent advice to use my “big ol’ head” and “all those smarts” to become a doctor, I chose to leave my major in chemistry.  I switched to Mass Communication with a concentration in Broadcasting and a minor in Performing Arts with a concentration in Theatre.  My enthusiasm for social networks and service learning led me to pick up a second minor in Leadership Studies.

What I love about working in mass media is the study of humankind, society and playing an interactive role with the two.  Whether I’m hosting an event, collaborating on a film/tv project, or interviewing someone, I enjoy the exchanges that take place.  For example, hanging out with five debonair young men to produce a men’s fashion video was plenty of fun!  My genuine love of people is where my passion is rooted for the work I do.

Interest peaked?  Maybe just a little?  Let’s connect!