overcoming pain of the past

holding book titled God Help the Child

I’m not the woman.

After being told by the man she loves that she’s not the woman he wants, Bride can’t help but agree.  More so than agreeing with her lover, Booker, that she’s not the woman for him, Bride is facing the feeling that she’s not the woman she wants to be.

my thoughts on God Help the Child by Toni MorrisonThe novel explores how life events and treatment of a child correlate with the adult that child becomes.  One of the pervading conflicts is the broken relationship between Bride and Booker.

Through her storytelling, Morrison argues the importance of coming to grips with childhood sufferings and sharing that truth with a significant other.  A considerable part of knowing oneself is knowing why you do the things you do.  First, a person has to discover and understand this for self.  Then, when building a relationship, the person is able to share their why.

This book is a short, easy, but powerful read; so much so that I read almost all of it in one sitting.  Most importantly, I was able to take something away from it.  The next time I find myself getting into a romantic relationship, I’ll make an effort to be more open with my man.  I agree with Morrison’s theme that “an emotional wound… – and the fear of suffering such pain again- … inhibits women and men, making them wary of the very sort of love and intimacy that might heal and complete them,” as worded by a New York Times article.  After reading this book, I’m newly inspired to release my inhibitions and allow myself to be loved.

God Help the Child by Toni Morrison is available for less than $15.

If you’ve read this book, what were your takeaways?  If you haven’t, are you interested?  Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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